Tuesday, December 06, 2016
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Music Therapy …. Its significance and application

“The human body is the living resonance of the sound” said Hazrat Inyat Khan, a Sufi musician belonging to the early 1920’s.  He felt that sound has an effect on each cell of the body, on all glands, on circulation of blood and pulsation. It is interesting that in recent times, a number of therapists have come to endorse this particular observation of Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Music is basically sound, which is harmonious, melodious and soothing in nature and which is abundantly evident in myriad forms around us.  Music also has the potential to create euphoria, a state of ecstasy, extreme distress and outright pain. As such music, depending on the nature of its delivery and the environment in which it is delivered, connects and communicates with us in different individual ways.  For the therapist, sound as music is a means to an end - a instrument for creating the sensation of hearing, a transmission of controlled energy that is perceived by the ear, processed by the brain and resonates in the body as a symbol of movement.  It is already recognized and has been inducted into the public and private domain where people are singing, playing or listening to derive personal pleasure and entertainment.

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